The Curse of the Crystal

C3S4 and S5 recap / mini-summaries, XP, treasure, and inspiration
Fighting evil no matter what the weather!

Greetings adventurers!

For successfully defeating Zaeriez (‘Zere-eez’) (the undead young woman that had mind-controlled most of the Alchemists Guild), along with the powerful wizard guild member present, the other alchemists with no fighting skills to speak of, Zaeriez’s two pet eel hounds, and the water elemental assigned to guard the dock house (see full details below), everyone earns 1345 XP. Huzzah! This brings the common XP total up to 8890. 6th level comes at 14,000.

After fishing Zaeriez’s body out of the water, the remaining alchemists offer to you the non-magical necklace of very large pearls that she was wearing, along with their grateful thanks for saving them. When you show it to Alton, he is very impressed, and says you might be able to get 500gp for it if you can find a noble interested in buying it.

For successfully breaking Zaeriez’s spell concentration with a massive attack, freeing Harnann, Smut earns inspiration.

For risking his bear cub figurine by tossing it in the shallow end of the ocean to try to help a friend, Demea earns inspiration.

For successfully convincing a chaotic evil undead that it could trust her word, Harnann earns inspiration.

Recap of C3S4

  • After getting an emergency distress raven regarding your mage contact in Neverwinter, Julian Swiftwalker, you raced to his aid through a heavy rainstorm, only to discover he was poisoned by a bad potion. He was glassy eyed and trying to get to someone named Zaeriez, and traditional healing magic didn’t seem to help.
  • The head priest of Pelor, Elliot Dawngaze, said he would warn the nobles council to spread the word about the tainted potions, and asked you to head to the ocean-side guild hall of the Alchemists Guild to determine what was going on and how to cure Julian.
  • Along the way you were joined in the driving rain by Angela, a down-to-earth priestess of Pelor with a cheery attitude and a heavy mace she named Redemption.
  • At the guildhall, it didn’t take much for you to persuade the two guards to let you investigate despite their orders to send everyone away, because apparently their employers had been acting oddly.
  • Inside, the guild members present were glassy-eyed and aggressive to intruders, to the point of the head of the guild immolating himself by throwing down an explosive potion between you.
  • You managed to persuade one of the guards to join you, and tried to take as many guild members alive as you could, but there was still some collateral damage.
  • You found books on mind control and enchantment magics open in the library.
  • You learned from a frightened maid hiding in the pantry that the trouble started a few days ago, and that there was a troll lurking about that was strong enough to tear a man’s arms off when he didn’t follow orders.
  • Smut, with Tim’s encouragement, fought through the gusting winds to fly out over the ocean to scout the building there. In order to get close enough to see inside without taking a chance of being blown through one of the windows, he landed on the side porch. There he was immediately attacked by two eel-hounds that had been hiding from the storm under the furniture. While avoiding the first one, his leg got locked in the jaws of the second, and he was dragged towards the edge of the water.
  • Seeing Smut’s plight, the friendly guard took a crossbow shot despite the storm but missed. Angela tried a guiding bolt of divine magic, but unfortunately the poor lighting caused her to miss and hit the dock so close to Smut that he got washed in the radiant magic, causing him to glow and be easier to hit.
  • Feeling Smut’s panic, Harnann charged forward across the bridge, ignoring the startled water elemental that surged out of the ocean too late to stop her. Ignoring Elaria’s blurted out “there are undead here!”, she kicked open the door, and beheld a half dozen alchemists with glassy eyes toiling away in a workshop, what looked like an enchanting young woman soaking wet despite being inside, and a very large creature that Elaria identified as a lake troll in a somewhat panicked voice while advising “You don’t want to be here on your own!”

C3S5 mini-summary

  • Things didn’t look good for the party after Zaeriez (the young woman) successfully Suggested to Harnann with arcane power that she surrender and convince her teammates to do the same.
  • Smut was dragged into the water but passed out due to losing the biting battle with the two eel hounds, not due to lack of air. Demea tried to help by tossing his bear cub into the fight, but sadly it wasn’t enough.
  • Fortunately the eel hounds were well trained to bring captured creatures alive to Zaeriez for enslavement, so Smut got spit up into the dock house instead of drowning or being eaten.
  • Meanwhile, the capricious cursed crystal sucked Tim into a flame but popped Grulo out from the ether, so reasonable trade there. The barbarian immediately threw himself into the fight with the water elemental along with Angela and the guard, and Orc Foe successfully did massive damage, since as a magical weapon it did not just pass right through the animated water. Being on fire probably helped also.
  • Undeterred, the elemental overwhelmed and dragged the guard into the lake, not to mention punched Demea and Grulo in the face, but it was still in reach of return weapon attacks, and the creature was sent back to the elemental plane in time to prevent a drowning.
  • Inside the dock building, Harnann skillfully convinced Zaeriez that her word as a paladin that she wouldn’t try to escape was good enough that she shouldn’t have to drink the debilitating potion being offered, and went onto the bridge to help convince her allies to surrender. Not wanting them to die before they had a chance to do so, she provided magical Aid to those most wounded… including Smut, who was still lying on the floor of the dock house.
  • Before anyone realized he was awake, Smut burned all of the remaining charges in his poorly-made wand of Magic Missiles in one burst at Zaeriez, almost but not quite burning the thing out to do so, then quickly flew over and tossed an unfinished orange-red potion at her and the lake troll, causing a large conflagration that badly burned them both…, and unfortunately completely fried one of the mind-controlled alchemists working at the nearby desk.
  • Suddenly in a world of hurt, Zaeriez gave out an inhuman shriek and dove into the ocean, while the troll, no longer held back in hopes of getting more slaves, lumbered ungracefully after the now-fleeing Smut, missing an attack that would have surely ripped him in half by mere inches.
  • The pain succeeded in breaking Zaeriez’s concentration on Harnann’s spell, and she quickly ordered a fighting retreat before the very large troll could return and attack the critically wounded party (Demea had also been taken down on the bridge between the water elemental and the eel hounds, but then healed).
  • One eel hound was sent packing with its slimy tail between its legs, while the other was gutted on Orc Foe. The party started to pull back, with Harnann covering the retreat, being well armored and uninjured. Just before she was going to get off the bridge, Zaeriez burst up out of the water and grabbed her in a deadly embrace, sucking all the air out of Harnann’s lungs while pulling her into the ocean, where she proceeded to sink like a rock to the bottom of the 10 foot deep water due to her heavy plate armor. As she was submerged, her Commander’s Armor gave a disturbing sizzle with magic arcing back and forth, but fortunately nothing locked up this time.
  • Demea was doing his best to push the fortunately ungainly troll back with magical arrows, but it managed to reach the bridge and jump into the water, where it was suddenly a lot faster and more mobile! It proved this by quickly swimming up to Harnann and giving her a bad slice in the side with its metallic claws. Fortunately her armor deflected the second slice and the monster’s teeth.
  • Harnann stuck her tail up out of the water while being pulled out into the ocean by Zaeriez, and Grulo managed to belly-flop onto the bridge to just get a hand on it. He was able to hold her in place while he worked to brace himself. This also allowed Angela to get a hand onto her to cure some of Harnann’s wounds.
  • Trusting Harnann’s hardiness, Demea fired lightning arrows into the water, slightly scorching Harnann, but also managing to finish off the wounded Zaeriez!
  • Now carefully braced, with a mighty heave Grulo managed to fling the no-longer-grappled Harnann up onto the bridge, plate armor and all! He will no doubt be sore tomorrow.
  • The party then finished their orderly retreat to the guild hall (not so orderly in Slurry’s case), and the troll gave them a warning roar before choosing to head back out to sea rather than pursue the party onto dry land.
  • The remaining alchemists, no longer glassy-eyed, poked their heads out of the dock house in bewilderment. Harnann encouraged them to run for their lives to the guild hall, which they did.
C3S3 recap
The short, short version!

Greetings adventurers!

Unfortunately, there is no XP, treasure, or inspiration to award for Chapter 3 Session 3. Sometimes you just have to settle for advancing your story goals. :-)

However, for posterity I’m going to start trying to remember to post a recap if no one writes up a full summary. As you will see, the summaries are much more entertaining, which is why they are worth inspiration and XP (hint, hint ;-)).


  • You are hanging around in the coastal city of Neverwinter, waiting for your special requests to be finished.
    - Julian the mage is having his apprentices enchant your Sending Shmeep
    - Williams the blacksmith is putting together Smut’s tail whip, with further work planned for a tiny dragon-shaped chain shirt
  • Alton informed you that he has mitigated the bounty issue by placing a bigger bounty on anyone who tries to collect on your bounty
  • Tim spent some time doing research in the Neverwinter city library, finding some information on Thundertree and other topics that may come up in your current quests later

Talk to (some of you) soon!

C3S2 XP and inspiration
Learning the city layout on the fly

Greetings adventurers!

For successfully chasing down and capturing the thug who tried to kill Glenda Brightbond right in the middle of the city, everyone earns 500 XP. Huzzah! This brings the total common XP up to 7545.

You didn’t come away with any treasure, but you did earn brownie points from the high priest of Pelor by giving him the coin pouch of the shooter (who turned out to be named Pug Thistleknuckle), and you did spread some goodwill attached to the Stonehill Dragon Guard name. :-)

For stopping to calm down the stampeding horse in the crowded alley during the chase, thus preventing further civilian injuries, Grulo earns inspiration.

For disturbing and impressing the common folk of Neverwinter by magically flying over their heads during the chase, Tim earns inspiration.

For losing some of his own ground to shoot the bad guy in the leg, thus letting everyone else catch up faster, Demea earns inspiration.

Alton has enough inspiration at the moment, but he did cool stuff, too. ;-)

For going along with my experiment in different chase mechanics, everyone at the last session earns the GM’s thanks. :-)


C3S1 XP, treasure, and inspiration
Welcome back to Neverwinter!

[Edited to take out “smart” apostrophe and add discovery XP]

Greetings adventurers, and welcome to Chapter 3 of the Curse of the Crystal!

For easily driving off and then killing Demea’s would-be assassin, everyone gains 15 XP. For learning that a bounty has been placed on all of you, everyone gains 300 discovery XP. Huzzah! This brings the total common XP up to 7045.

It appears that the intruder brought a bare minimum of supplies on this mission, as the only items on him are two empty poison vials, two common daggers, studded leather armor (badly damaged), 10gp in a small pouch, and of course the parchment with your bounty on it.

For dramatically kicking in the door and knocking down the enemy while doing so, despite only being a little halfling, Emma earns inspiration.


C2S31 Summary
Return to Phandalin from Wave Echo Cave

Narrator, “.. After the funeral for the dwarf the party heads back toward Phandalin.”

Light drizzle starts to fall, ZZZZT! Right arm and left leg of Harnann’s armor lock up.

Alton, wearing a purple & blue striped shirt with lace ruffle cuffs, looks to see if we’re under attack. There’s a little pile of ash stacking up in a bird’s nest in that tree. I wonder how long before it overflows…

With Demea’s help, Harnann removes the armor to carry it.
The party arrives in Phandalin.
Tim lights some of the candles in the shrine with a small fire spell from a distance.
A lot of children ask if we rescued the dwarves.
Adults ask questions themselves and tell us there’s plans to make pilgrimages to the Cragmaw shrine which the party encourages.
Smut nods & smiles & gestures towards the Stonehill Inn where they can discuss it over drinks.

Tim, looking tired, walks straight to the bar, grabs an empty stool, and says “line them up!”
Smut hopes for only flammable beverages. :-)
One of the line of drinks in front of Tim lifts into the air over to Alton’s hand.

Tim says to the barkeep Tobin: “Good man, the ale is excellent! Bring some bread and cheese for me and my friends. And what else do you have in the kitchen tonight? Smut! You hungry?” he yells (ignoring the fact that there is a conversation going on nearby…)
Smut is pleased to be interrupted.
There’s a stew that’s really good. His wife Sara had spice it.

Tim, trying to show off, again tries to conjure a dancing flame girl in the middle of the table…but only ends up adding another scorch mark. In his rush to tamp out the table fire, he knocks his mug onto the floor breaking the handle. Oooh. Something to practice mending!

Smut continues sketching his plans for the giant magic item factory he plans to build in the mine. Eventually you realize that the tentacle monster is working the bellows at the Forge.

Tim, after mending the mug perfectly, tries to mend the hole in the ceiling, and generates a large crack that starts to split down the wall! After getting scolded, he attempts a pyrotechnic performance to entertain and distract the crowd from his failed fix.

the performance wasn’t the best, but he charismatically makes fun of himself and gets everyone laughing…at him…
Another round, everyone? (to the party)

Smut wants another round.
Beer mugs can be traced to be just the right size for fermentation vats. :-)
Those go in the center of the mine.
Smut organizes his coins by size rather than value.

Tim begins making a mental list of the supplies he will need to provide to fix the inn…planks, hammer, nails,…and some new table cloths.

Smut want to make sure they’re table cloths amenable to sketching. :-)

Darren summons them to his place to discuss secrets. The party brings a keg.
Demea drools over the bow and looks and admires it in every way.
Darren reveals that’s he’s a member of the Defenders of Skylark.
Tim begins to drink the Kool-aid and recognizes this as potentially noble quest in the making…
We share what little intel we have.
Smut adds that we’ll have to make sure to blarf garbble nouse…. and then gives up on trying to add to the conversation.
Tim, " I agree, Smut." nods.
During the discussions/drinking a noise comes from Harnann’s pack, revealing the writing on a parchment has changed to:

Black Spider,
Please provide an update on your status. Were you able to use the group carrying Dawnforge’s sword to clear your way to the Phandelver Mine power source as you planned?
In the name of the Pact,
The Librarian .

Narrator, “and the party drinks the evening away and makes plans for the future. What will the next chapter of their adventures entail?”

C2S30 XP, treasure, and inspiration
Spider guts and closure

Greetings adventurers!

For easily defeating Tim the Flameskull on his own, for real this time, everyone gains 40 XP. Huzzah! This brings the total common XP up to 6730.

The cave has been thoroughly scoured of treasure at this point. ;-)

Demea’s efforts at harvesting the first giant spider, assisted by Tim, broke the venom sac (onto his hands), but yielded a full unit of spider silk, i.e. enough to craft a silk rope with the right skills, or use in a magic item recipe that calls for giant spider silk. :-)

After perfecting their technique, Demea and Tim were able to collect everything that the other three spiders had. Unfortunately, that wasn’t much; the ghouls had really worked those over. Between the three of them, you are able to just scrape together one more unit of silk, plus an amount of raw giant spider venom that Alton is able to identify through his black market background as one unit, and worth approximately 20 gp.

As stated in-game, Grulo earned inspiration for his amazing climb up the water wheel, followed by grabbing Flameskull Tim and pile-driving him into the floor! (sort of)

On a side note, I am going to assume that no one is using or adding to the player notes created in the Google doc (, since we now have the Obsidian Portal website forum for that kind of thing if anyone ever cares. Please let me know if that is not the case or changes in the future. Thanks!


C2S30 Summary
re-defeating Tim the Flameskull

Narrator, “Having a plan in hand the party goes to execute the plan to execute the Flameskull with finality.”

While most of the party starts to line up to do an effective first strike, Smut kicks off the battle by swooping in the back way, deftly dodging flame bolts, but sadly also being deftly dodged when he tries to grab TimSkull.

Alton moves up, moves a torch up, misses with a bow shot.
Demea, the Archer, shoots Tim with a lightning arrow and follows it up with a regular arrow. Both arrows score hits! Tim manages to avoid being stunned by the lightning.

Emma moves up to stand next to Demea (behind Alton) and holds action to attack any enemies in melee range.
Harnann runs into the room and roars at Flameskull Tim.
Tim moves up to the front line and casts Magic Missile! Tim the Flameskull unwisely decides to take the damage rather than use a Shield spell.

Tim the Flameskull takes a small bite from Smut as he flies away and casts a spell that makes him all blurry.

Alton repeats his last actions (moves up, moves a torch up, misses with a bow shot).
Smut Swoop! Dodge! Swoop! Dodge! repeat ad nauseum.
stupid blurry skull
Smut fails to grab ahold of the skull.
Demea shoots a couple of arrows and despite the blurry target, still manages to score a hit.
More surprisingly, even with the blurry target Slurry hits with his crossbow.

Emma throws 2 darts! first one prompts him to raise his shield, but the second hits him in the eye!
Having caused Tim to use his Shield defense and then scoring a hard hit past the shield prompts the Flameskull to exclaim in surprise and exasperation, “Where did she come from?!?

The halfling that looks like Alton responds, “that’s just Alton under an illusion spell.”

Harnann runs closer and throws two javelins, one of which glows with astral radiance! Take that!
Tim responds to Harnann’s attack with summoning a Flaming Sphere to smash into her and then throwing a pair of Fiery Rays.
Harnann bathes in Flameskull’s fire! I live and breathe fire!

Grulo, seeing the Flameskull floating above the water wheel, charges forward, boosts off Harnann, up the the wheel, into the air to grasp the skull where it hovers, then tumbles backward to smash the skull down into the currently dry water trough.
(Grulo quickly climbs to the top of the water wheel, leaps up with both hands and grabs Tim with both hands.)

Seeing the skull is now in melee range, Alton jumps down into the trough where Grulo is holding the flaming skull and hits in just the right spot.
Smut, taking a page from his companion Tim’s, summons a Witch Bolt between him and Flameskull Tim. It startled Grulo a little, but Grulo still holds onto the skull, and the light goes out in the skull.
(Smut chases after Grulo holding FST, and starts zapping him with witch bolt!)

We put the skull in the pot with holy water, with Harnann mummuring prayers with all her might…

The skull dissolves and all the other pieces found in the cavern are eliminated as well. Tim is defeated for good!

Tim totally scores Tim’s name back…now that “~Flameskull” is dead….the REAL Tim can regain the throne as the master enchanter!

Smut totally scores Flameskull Tim’s playing cards!

The party goes to scavenge anything left in the caves. Demea does harvesting of silk and poison sacks from the giant spiders with sage advice from Tim the Enchanter.

Smut finds a skeleton in the water, holding a small glinting wand!
For a brief moment, Smut’s aura of stink gets smaller.
Smut is totally excited about experimenting with the amateur wand.

Alton heals Smut up with some shadows.

You sense the emotion that in order to defeat evil, you first must become evil.
Smut starts recharging his new magic missile wand.

Alton dips his finger into the holy water flameskull remnants and tastes it.
Smut does too!
Tastes like rather refreshing water, despite bits of bone flakes.

Smut makes friends with the blue tentacle by feeding it spider parts. And then hobgoblin parts. And anything else that wasn’t undead.

Demea plays the jeopardy theme while waiting for the party.

_Narrator, “… and the party, having defeated everything but the blue tentacle monster that the dwarves plan to build a wall around, finally exit the cavern to find ash falling from the sky. The falling ash appropriately set the mood as they bury the fallen dwarf under a cairn on the mountainside.” _

C2S29 inspiration
When no actual progress is made

Greetings adventurers!

No XP or treasure was gained last session, sorry.

Smut was awarded inspiration already in-game for his heroic sacrifice to save the party from a fireball inside a small enclosed room.

For suggesting one of your next tasks should be to pick a new party leader since Serla was kidnapped semi-permanently, Demea earns inspiration. ;-)

Talk to (most of) you Thursday!

C2S29 Summary

Narrator, "After a fierce battle defeating the Flameskull and his minions, the party does some cleanup. After a very short breather, it’s noticed that there’s a very faint green light in the eye of Tim, the former Flameskull… and it’s growing noticeably brighter…

Flameskull Tim is still alive! The fires spread and he starts to heal.
Smut carries him out of his home area. He doesn’ tturn to dust.
Smut carries him to the magic brazzier… which makes him heal faster.
Harnaan takes Flameskull Tim from Smut and smashes it to pieces using Elaria (carefully setting him on the worktable, so as not to needlessely damage her sword on the stone floor)

Smut tries to heal the flameskull more in the brazier, but Alton wrests the pieces from him.

We experiment with smashing pieces of skull and determine that whichever piece is largest starts to re-grow.
Smut gets creative.
Smut searches the forge for other skull pieces
Smut uses acid to dissolve any extra pieces.
Smut makes the metal bowl he’s using magical using the brazzier, and then it stops melting in the acid.

Harnaan concentrates on keeping FT smashed up, while Smut (& others) gather all the bones in the room and load them into the smelter in the middle of the Forge room.
Surprisingly to everyone, he goes outside, gathers branches, and makes a broom. It never occurred to anyone he would know how to do that.

Tim, obviously clueless about Arcana or History surrounding flameskulls, assists Smut, but when the party starts firing up the forge, he turns his attention to the fire.
“Need help with starting the fire?”

Alton sits down in the brazier room and tries to figure out the shadow staff that Serla’s patron had given him.

To help determine what bone debris is from the flameskull and what’s from the other skeletons, the party decides to incinerate everything in the forge.

Ooooh yah! Fire!
“Gundren and other dude, go help build the fire for the forge!”

The door to the forge seems to have been damaged in some fighting and is hanging slightly off. Tim comes to the rescue with the Mending cantrip he’s been practicing.

Tim gets a big thumbs up from Smut!

Tim helps out smashing the skull fragments. The healing is accelerating and Harnann is having a hard time keeping up. She calls Grulo in to help and he unlimbers his great sword and adds it to the task.

Smut continues wrecking other skeletons in the forge.

They can’t keep up and Tim the Flameskull is about back to life.
Tim follows Smut, who carries regenerating flameskull to the tentacle lake.
Smut throws the skull into the lake, hoping the tentacles will hold it down, but…
Tim the Flameskull comes roaring back to life, flying up out of lake spraying water everywhere, claiming he’s immortal.

As he talks, flameskull flies back to his forge; tim runs to keep up.
Harnann goes in to help protect allies, but tells everyone to retreat.
The party and the dwarves retreat from the forge room, except for Alton who still spends the time in the bra room fondling his multi-headed staff.

A couple of shots from the Flameskull.
Tim takes a step back towards retreat, but refuses to leave his party, and steps back up to support Harnann. “I thought we were leaving?”
Holds action to move when the party decides to heed Harnann’s direction to leave.
(a good move since he holds the light)

Harnann sees dwarves are out of the room and heads out, too. Tim trailing calls out, “DEMEA, YOU COMING?”
Demea retreats after determining that Gundren was safely out another entrance.

ghostly music, “bravely runs away”

Tim watches to make sure Flameskull is in fact still trapped by his magical boundary. He appears to be.

ghostly music, “Brave, Brave, Sir Smut…”

Flameskull throws fire at the Enchanter who responds, “Eat it, Tim!”
Flameskull throws more fire at the Enchanter who responds, “Eat it, Tim!”

A wave of fungus spores arrives to poison the party as Gundren made his way back around.

Smut tries to cast Light on everything Harnaan is carrying. She glows like the sun!

Smut sneakily dodges around continuing to pulverize FTs minions and filling his room with Light rocks.

With studying notes in his journal, Tim finds reference to a flaming undead that was put down by priests and a ritual. Elaria says she can teach Harnann how to make Holy Water.

Harnann wants to learn how to make holy water. Less fun than holy beer, but still good!

Alton continues acclimating to the staff.

250 silver pieces are pulled out, a file magically enhanced in the brazier, and the pieces are reduced to powder.

Tim eventually gets bored watching the Holy Water ritual, and decides to follow Smut out of curiosity…and to see if he can help.

Smut is happy to have company. With his empathic emanations, you can tell.

Disaster! A glowing magic bead comes sailing down the hallway from Tim the Flameskull. The party has seen this FIREBALL before. DOOM approaches! But WAIT! Smut is by the door of the brazier room. Smut catches the fireball! In his mouth!

Tim, knowing what is about to happen, runs towards smut, but gets hit by the blast by the door.
Fire blows out Smut’s mouth, which becomes a horrible burned mess, but SMUT SAVES THE PARTY!
Tim immediately applies buddy aid to stop the bleeding.
“Harnann! Bring the brandy!”
Quicker yet, Alton uses the shadowy staff on Smut and Smut comes back to consciousness.
Shortly thereafter, Harnann lays on hands to Smut for some healing.

Smut then takes a short rest. Maybe a medium rest.
Tim remains by Smut’s side as he recovers…
Smut casts light on Tim’s helmet in gratitude for the company.
Tim laughs.

Elaria mentions the necrotic feeling from the staff. Alton doesn’t realize that the staff is strongly necrotic.
Smut perks up at the mention of the necrotic healing.
Alton touches Smut again with the staff and administers a little healing.

The party heals up with a short rest and makes a plan.

Narrator, "the party plans use holy water on FT after he’s dead

but Tim has repeatedly reminded everyone that we could rest and refit in town, gain some knowledge, …and, Beer.
Harnann, “beer!”

A good backup plan if the holy water assault fails from either not working or the Skull being too tough for the party to take down again.

C2S28 XP, treasure, and inspiration
The party hits level 5!

Greetings adventurers!

For defeating Tim the Flameskull and his minions (17 total zombies & skeletons), everyone gains 400 XP. Huzzah! This brings the total common XP up to 6690, which means everyone is now level 5. Congratulations!

Please have all of your new class features on your character sheet (including any selections such as new spells for your spellbook) before the next session you will attend.

Picking through the corpses in the smelter cavern yields another 7gp, 2ep, 31sp, and 5cp.

For his dogged persistence in keeping his spell connected to the Flameskull, Tim (the wizard) earns inspiration.

For bravely charging into the middle of a large pile of undead, Grulo and Harnann both earn inspiration.

For wrestling the Flameskull down to floor level for smiting, Smut earns inspiration.

Talk to (most of) you tomorrow!


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