The Curse of the Crystal

CotC Vignettes: Druin Stonespeaker
A place to call home

A long, long time ago…

Druin gazed out over the gently rolling hills covered in golden flaxweed. A mature dwarf with a thick, full beard just starting to go white, he carried a staff of clearly magical origin, with three motes of pink crystal that briskly orbited a larger pink crystal near the top.

Overhead, a buteo circled silently in the bright blue afternoon sky, looking for an unwise whomprat to bring home to its mate and fledglings for lunch.

“Yes,” he said, coming to a decision. “This is perfect. This is where we will make our new home.” His long-time traveling companion, a small elemental of rocks and earth, made a questioning grinding noise.

Replying in the same language, Druin explained. “This land was once an immense forest. When the fire came, it went through terrible pain, but it adapted, changed, and now thrives in this new form. A fitting parallel to my own experiences.”

“The creatures here live a simple life in a natural balance with each other. All they want is to live in peace and care for their young, and having travelled the length and width of this land I can think of no greater model to follow. And if we can hold them up as the ideal, hopefully no descendant of mine will ever feel the rejection growing up that I did, no matter what strange talents they may show.”

The animated pile of stones next to Druin made another grumbling noise, and Druin laughed before replying “Yes, you’ve said that many times, but not all of us are born fully-formed from the primal magics of this world! I sometimes think it would make things easier if we were.”

Refocusing on the present and stepping forward again, Druin pointed, saying “This depression will make a nice lake if we direct the stream from a pinprick portal to the Elemental Plane of Water into it, so we have an ample water supply. We’ll be sure to move anyone who lives there first, of course.”

“Meanwhile, a portal to the plane of Fire should serve nicely for our cooking and other heating needs, and a portal to the plane of Air attached to a venting system will keep everything smelling fresh within our home, as well as provide a nice symmetry of the other three primary elements.”

“What do you say my friend? Are you ready to help me build a mountain?” This time the reply from his companion was much more enthusiastic and eager.

“All right then!” Druin Stonespeaker laughed. “Of course, this job is going to take a lot more help if we want to finish it this century. Fortunately, I know just the people to join us.”

As he started laying out the first symbols in his elemental contacting ritual, Druin said “I was thinking we could call it ‘Stonespeaker Sanctuary’.” This earned another derisive noise from his companion. “No? Well, we can work on the name, then…”

C3S36 halfling musings
Battle of Drek'Thar opening act

Thoughts from the mind of Alton Haildance:
Arrived at Drek’Thar via the air elementals. That’s a fun ride! Reminds me of facing into a strong wind hanging off the top of the mast. Only much better. I understand why Smut spent so much time in Swirls-a-lot. I also liked Harnann’s inspiring speech as we flew. We will totally prevail!

The Orcs start charging in right away. Kala Legazi is out for blood and not listening to any reason. Either out for blood or leading everyone into a trap. I suppose it could be both.

Stonetooth is out of the mountain. Black shadows over everything in there and it doesn’t want to get corrupted.
Hey look, green firebolts from Imps in the sniper slits. So, it’s a trap. Demea’s making quick work of them. He can sure handle a bow. Tim, Smut & others are making a few hits into the slits also.

The door won’t open for the Orcs. Ask Stonetooth to open it. It’s not opening for it either. Stonetooth is getting upset. I suggest to Stonetooth to just make an opening by the arrow slits. Ok, digging fingers into the rock above the door and just ripping it out is another way of getting it open. Hope nobody got caught underneath where the door was thrown.
It looks like Stonetooth stepped on a bunch of Imps that were piled on top of one of the small elementals. The elemental is free. Blackness ripples over Stonetooth and it swings a fist in the direction of us and the orcs. A moment passes as Stonetooth reasserts control over itself and then it departs the mountain.

Demea heads over to open the door to the left to let the orcs into the guardroom on that side. Serla’s ahead of me and gets the door open on the right for more orcs to clear them out.

It appears Smut had a dustdevil in front of one of the outside arrow slits and is moving it to one of the slits on the inside and tossing a… a… goat? through one of the other slits.

The bridge is gone. Harnann mumbles about the Harnann maneuver. I seek out the Kalas to see if they think air elementals can ferry us across without risking contamination issues. Demea’s calling a warning about the stone dwarf statues on the other side shooting at us. He tries to take cover behind the arch but they still manage to hit him. They must be skilled like he is.
Ugh, the darkness is rippling across the statues too. Demea’s taking shots back at them. Kalas are saying they don’t want to damage the legacy of the place.

Wee, we’re up on the air elementals again and floating across the chasm. Smut’s goat takes a hit and the elemental drops the dead weight. Smut dips suddenly until he too drops the goat. Good thing there’s enough noise that I won’t hear it hit. Oops, Demea dropped his bow! I see Harnann take a breath and start to turn toward Smut, but an elemental is already bringing the bow back up. Good. I didn’t want to give my bow to Demea and it wouldn’t be his preference.

The elementals have us across the chasm and past the statues. One of them is pretty beat up from the attacks on it, but they’re all still moving.

Kala Lagazi heads across the mountain carving and down the stairs with most of the orcs following. The fantastic 4, Kala Shani, and Brug hang back to talk to the StoneHill Dragon Guard. Serla mentions the artifact AX and Shani says to stop talking and just get it. She wants the fantastic 4 to guard the upstairs and clear out any demons up here so those below don’t get trapped between two forces. Good idea and should help keep the kids from the more risky battle downstairs. Kala Shani also wants the SHDG to stay and keep the kids alive. Good sentiment and sense for wanting to protect family, but totally insane proposition. Harnann’s been having the visions and been fighting this evil for so long at the direction of the gods and she wants the to do the big battle without her? That makes no sense. Us cleaning out the demons up here and then going down to find all the orcs dead instead of going with them and working together is no plan. Harnann and Serla are certainly needed below.
I tell Harnann and Serla to go, Demea too, and volunteer to watch the kids with Smut and Slurry. I ask if Tim will stay too, but don’t really know where he’s more needed. Fortunately he stays. Kala Shani isn’t happy with the choices, but goes down the stairs with Brug, Harnann, and Demea.

Serla goes racing off toward the barracks and rest of us follow (ok, Smut keeps nosing around the Axe marked door).

I hear Serla make a viscous cut, “how could those feeble wings possibly hold you in the air?” I can make out a Vrock through the door. Tim brushes me with a Firebolt. Not sure what he’s up to. Should be attacking the Vrock demon, not trying to tickle me with fire.
Dorn and Penda rush into the room and attack the Vrock, scoring some hits, but the thing has resistance against their normal weapons. Slurry manages to land a bolt from the hallway.
Serla’s across the room and knocks the AX from a dretch’s hands, picks it up and heads back toward us. The dretch making pathetic swipes at her as she leaves it.
I move into the corner of the room to get a clear shot past the orcs at the Vrock. My shiny bow’s magic makes my attack more effective than the others’ weapons and I hit one of the sweet spots in the demon’s defense. Listen to it howl! I certainly got its attention! That should help keep the kids safer if it focuses on me.
See, good thing I still had my bow. I tell Serla, “Go! We got this.”

Vanchu come in and Tarak gets a hit it to chip away at it some more.
The Vrock screeches and shakes spores scatteringly across the room and toward me. Ha, no problem for me; this Vrock’s pathetic and going down!
Uh, oh, the kids and Serla are hacking. Maybe not so good.
Tim lands a firebolt from the hallway onto the Vrock. See, there he’s got the right idea now. He usually get there.
Dorn & Penda chip away at the demon. These kids are pretty good. Too bad they’re only half effective with those weapons.
I hear Slurry’s crossbow go off but don’t see a bolt fly in. Not sure why Tim’s screaming.
Serla give a word of encouragement to the orcs and heads out. I follow up with another arrow and the foul fowl demon goes down!

The dretch finally shambles across the room enough to land a minor bite on an orc, but is quickly cut down.
Smut points out new shadows carved behind the four armed demon at the end of the mural and I note a symbol of some assassin’s guild that had some issues. Don’t really remember any more of the story. Slurry finds the paper with some unintelligible writing and sketches of what was being carved into the stone by the Vrock’s claws. Smut was sketching the symbols and we give him the paper, which he tucks into his sketchbook.

Back out in the central chamber, I head to set a warning for the chamber in case something comes out while we’re checking out one of the other areas and a magma mephit squeezes out of an air vent from the kitchen. Smut throws a Ray of Frost wild, but arrows from Dorn and Penda solidly hit before Slurry the Finisher obliterates it. I use the hand to summon the unseen servant. I hand it a bell to give warning with and some instructions. Smut is throwing more Rays of Frost at the already obliterated mephit. I don’t think they’re the type to come back from the dead, but whatever keeps Smut happy.
We then head off to the kitchens to figure out where that mephit came from.

We hear the stone plates being dashed to the floor as we approach. The kitchen is a mess. There’s also a trio each of magma and steam mephits. I ignore them and focus on the nasty fire demon that’s messing with the runes on the table portal. The demon stands and projects its voice into our heads that the $%*&! demon lord Orcus is coming and those who volunteer to serve him will be rewarded. He seems to be looking at Smut, which could be because it senses the crystal, or that he was in front. Smut has the same idea as me and throws a Ray of Frost at it before closing to attack with his claws.
I follow with an inspired arrow that seems to have trouble getting there as an aura emanating from the demon is disturbing attacks from afar. Still, my arrow land for a nice little chunk out of the demon.

A few mephits circle in and pester Smut. Smut’s shield seems to be glowing a bit. That demon must really be radiating a lot of heat.

Tim moves out and casts a spell that wreathes his body in flames. Looks spiffy and a great imitation of the demon, but I don’t think fire’s going to be very effective against these foes.
Dorn land a hit with a crossbow.
A magma mephit claws Tim for a bit, but it looks like he got damaged by that fire around Tim more that he gave. That mephit doesn’t look so good; seems that spell is a good choice.

The demon’s apparently scared of Smut and Vamoosed over to the doorway. Uh-oh, that radiant aura is causing pain among the orcs, Tim, & Slurry.
Penda and Tarak chip away at the demon with their battle axes. Looks like this thing also resists normal weapons. Slurry back up out of the aura and gets a solid hit with his crossbow, but it’s not very effective.

A steam mephit blows steam on me but I readily evade it. These things are just pests, that fire demon is the real issue. Looks like Tim took a minor scaling from the mephit’s breath.

BOOM! Smut’s throwing thunderwaves at the mephits around him.
I shoot at the fire demon, but the aura fouls up the shot.
Vanchu calls some of that healing water to herself and backs away from the searing aura.
A magma mephit breathes fire onto the remaining orcs and they get a little singed.
Smut’s shield continues to glow hot. Maybe it’s the mephits and not the fire demon.
Tim launches a barrage of magic missiles. Two take out the mephit next to him that had clawed Tim, one hits the mephit that had breathed on the orcs, and one hits the fire demon. Should have focused on the fire demon. That aura’s killing us.
Dorn lands some chips.
Argh! The demon flared its aura, searing us. I manage to resist some of it, as do Tim and Dorn, but Tarak and Penda got hit especially hard.
Penda fails to hit. Tarak is down. Not doing well at keeping the kids alive. Not sure I’ll make it out of this.
Slurry hit but I’m not sure it did anything.

BOOM! Smut’s throwing more thunderwaves at the mephits. Maybe he should ignore them and help with the demon… oh, awsome, he’s sent four magic missiles into the demon also!
I get in that demon’s aura again and I don’t think I’ll be standing. I take another inspired shot at the demon, but its aura throws off the shot again. Wish I had a magic rapier so I could get the advantage of flanking and not the disadvantage of shooting through this guy’s aura. Not that I want to stand next to this thing.
Vanchu splashes some of that healing water onto Tarak.
Smut’s shield’s glowing hot again, but he keeps holding onto it so it must not bother him much.
Dorn gets a nice hit in. He seems to know where the good spots are to hit like me.
Demon throw a couple of scorching blasts out. One hits me but I manage to dodge some of it and it’s fire (not radiant) so I’m still standing. The other hits Tim and he goes down.
Tarak gets some hits. Nice that Vanchu was able to get him back up, because that demon goes down. Wish I had some significant healing on me.
Mephits keep pestering Smut.
BOOM! Well, there’s a couple less to bother Smut, but it looks like a new one crawled out from under the table.

I go bandage up Penda (who was down) and Vanchu follow up with some healing water onto Vanchu and then Tim.
Smut throws his glowing shield away. Did it finally start to bother him?

The mephits are cleared out.
I throw up an illusion that the opening from the fire plane under the table is filled with ice.
Tim and Smut work up a patch with some melted gold to seal off the hole in the warding.

I could use a short rest but I think we need to go on. Maybe Serla will have some she can spare if we make it downstairs. Need to check out the dining room first though to make sure nothing is lurking there.

C3S28-33 XP and recap
Longest 24 hours ever

Greetings adventurers!

For defending the refugees during the wind storm, decorporating 4 giant demonic vultures and 4 giant demonic mosquitos, killing Smut’s evil shadow, and driving off their leader Molach, everyone gains 7,135 XP. Huzzah!

For defending the refugees in the stone hut and decorporating 4 demonic apes and Molach, everyone gains 1,445 XP. Huzzah!

For decorporating 3 imps and 1 demonic ape, plus helping Harnann survive her latest vision, everyone gains 1,095 XP. Huzzah!

This brings the total common XP up to 43,160, catapulting you well over the line into Level 8. Congratulations! Please update your character if necessary and let me know what changes you made, as usual.

Inspiration has been handed out in-game; as always please let me know if I missed rewarding good roleplaying.

Unfortunately, there has not been much treasure to be had since demons melt away into foul-smelling abyssal ectoplasm when they die, leaving nothing of value behind. There was a pile of gory cut off orc hands and Jubatos paws that fell off Molach when he died, if anyone wants those.

  1. Recap of C3S28-33 (mostly the latter)
  • You have successfully rescued half of the kidnapped Conyberry refugees and brought them from Stonetooth Mountain back to the orc village in the Flaxweed Plains, fighting through waves of demons on the way.
  • Serla lost her hand in one particularly vicious battle, disappeared, then reappeared shortly looking rested and with a new hand apparently made of plants.
  • Demea was delivered a gift from an earth elemental named “Polished Corners”, a magical multifaceted bone sphere known as the Fist of Emirikal. Unfortunately, it disappeared after being used to take out a whomp rat.
  • Just before reaching the village, Harnann had another vision of Drek’Thar in which the final totem spirit was corrupted, and the formless evil energy around the totem pillars was shaped into a structured spell that opened a small but growing portal to the Abyss.
  • The vision turned deadly when the being that took over the body of the Jubatos spirit identified itself as both the Blood Lord, and Orcus, Prince of the Undead, and tortured Harnann with horrible visions and dark truths. Fortunately the rest of you managed to break her out of her vision before her mind was completely broken.
  • You had planned to drop the refugees off before finding and confronting Magdar, the orc you believe is responsible for all the demon summoning and shrine corruption.
  • However, this is complicated by the fact that Magdar is the mate of Kala Lagazi, one of the four powerful members of the orc council that leads this clan, and she already seemed rather hostile to outsiders.
  • Hasina, the orc captain you impressed and later healed of her demonic scarring, has met you outside the village. She was flying patrol with a great number of other orcs, and signaled another to take her place as she came down. You recognize the replacement as Vanchu, the young female you witnessed gain her purple tattoo, one of a gang of four younger orcs you got to know via friendly competition when you first entered the village.
  • Hasina is glad to see you, but bore the bad news that Kala Unai, the friendly council member who believed the spirits had sent you, and provided you with the location of Stonetooth and Drek’Thar, has been assassinated by a powerful yet charming demon in disguise while you were gone.
  • Further, Kala Lagazi is now pushing for the orcs to make a new home in Skylark by force, and to that end has decreed all outsiders under arrest until after the invasion.
  • Hasina has just stated somewhat apologetically that she will need to escort you into the village, and asked that you repeat your story to the council.


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    C3S25-27 XP, inspiration, and recap
    Exploration of magical places is slow

    Greetings adventurers!

    For managing to gain entrance to Drek’Thar by way of exploring StoneTooth Mountain’s public areas and using what you learned there, everyone gains 750 exploration XP. Huzzah! You also gain an additional 5 apology XP due to the DM being late for C3S26. This brings the total common XP up to 33485. Level 8 comes at 34k.

    For Harnann praying for guidance on how to gain access to Drek’Thar, which directly resulted in Serla remembering the lizardfolk doing so in the mural she took the time to find and study, Harnann and Serla gain inspiration.

    For doing what he could in Drek’Thar despite not having any divine powers, including thinking to contribute the holy water, Alton earns inspiration.

    For taking the time to remember why the shadow monster in the mural looked familiar, then realizing the importance it would have to Smut and making a point to show it to him, Demea earns inspiration.

    For straining her spiritual muscles and playing herself into exhaustion in her efforts to help cleanse Drek’Thar, Serla earns inspiration (again).

    Finally, for having the courage to be waited on by animated furniture and minor elementals, Tim earns inspiration.

    1. Recap of C3S25-27
  • Over the course of the last 18 hours or so, the StoneHill Dragon Guard has found half of the missing Conyberry townsfolk taken as prisoners and kept them safe through the night, raided the stash of a corrupted orc who was guarding them (along with the demonic vultures), explored the ancient and magical mountain of StoneTooth (including coming to an understanding with its huge earth elemental guardian), and found the holy shrine of Drek’Thar.
  • Unfortunately, they were not able to dispel the malign spiritual fog they found within, despite trying really, really hard, and so resolved to find the ones responsible for it instead.
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    C3S24 XP and recap
    Night ambush!

    Greetings adventurers!

    For defeating 3 giant demonic vultures and one black-tattooed orc, everyone earns 1315 XP. Huzzah! This brings the common XP total up to 32730. Level 8 comes at 34k.

    1. Recap of C3S24
  • It is the night of Springtide the 14th, and you are camped near the base of the surprisingly well-hidden StoneTooth Mountain in the middle of the Flaxweed Plains.
  • According to Kala Unai of the orc Council, within the mountain lies Drek’Thar, the shrine to the spirits that Harnann has been seeing in her visions.
  • Hopefully there will also be some answers regarding the demon incursion into the Plains. The fact that you were just attacked by three large demonic vultures plus a burly orc with black tattoos may indicate that you are on the right track.
  • Before being killed by Harnann and Elaria, turning to stone, and exploding, the orc made some threats about you dying alongside the accursed spirits of the Plains when Magdar summoned the Blood Lord.
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    C3S23 XP and recap
    Good thing no one has weed allergies

    Greetings adventurers!

    For expending resources to heal people you didn’t even know of their demonic scars, everyone earns 350 compassion XP. For taking a diplomatic tact when scary strangers suddenly showed up in your midst, everyone earns 350 diplomacy XP, for a total of 700 XP last session. Huzzah! This brings the common XP total up to 31415. Level 8 comes at 34k.

    1. Recap of C3S23
  • It is Springtide the 14th, and you have found the surprisingly well-hidden StoneTooth Mountain in the middle of the Flaxweed Plains.
  • According to Kala Unai of the orc Council, within the mountain lies Drek’Thar, the shrine to the spirits that Harnann has been seeing in her visions.
  • Hopefully there will also be some answers regarding the endless waves of demons that have been attacking the orcs.
  • First, though, there is your bedroll. It took you all day to walk here, and it is now fully dark out. While the full moon will soon bathe the land in light, for now it is still behind the giant mountain dominating your view.
  • Serla immediately collapses into sleep, having been exhausted all day after channeling a primal force of creation this morning to heal two more orcs of their demonic scars. Walter the zombie only carried her books for 5 minutes before getting hacked to pieces, so that wasn’t much help.
  • After Smut messes with Tim by casting Light on his hat a few times, Tim threatens Smut with incineration, and the Cursed Crystal pulls another mostly-broken artifact from the past out of the ether for no apparent reason, things settle down. Just another normal night for the Stonehill Dragon Guard.


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    C3S22 XP and recap
    Passing the time in orcville

    Greetings adventurers!

    For going out of your way and making an effort to heal Hasina of her demonic scars, everyone earns 600 compassion XP. Huzzah! This brings the common XP total up to 30715. Level 8 comes at 34k.

    1. Recap of C3S22
  • The Stonehill Dragon Guard is on a mission to stop the demonic invasion of the Flaxweed Plains, both to keep the peace with the orcs that live here, and in response to Harnann’s divine visions.
  • Yesterday you arrived in the orc village, made some new friends, attended the Council meeting, then did various tasks around town for the rest of the day while Smut scouted the Plains near the village.
  • Grulo was accosted by the oldest Kala of the Council, Shani, and spent some time chatting with the locals.
  • Harnann got her new shield straps attached by the blacksmith / Fire shaman, Zuri, and was very pleased with the result.
  • The traveling merchant Reath Bluehawk confirmed she has only sold to local orcs the pouches with her mark like the torn one you found in the desecrated gulo gulo den.
  • Serla was distracted listening to a music only she could hear, which was suggested to be coming from the massive earth elemental following you guys around to make sure you aren’t part of the demon conspiracy, and to make sure you don’t try to leave the plains to warn Skylark of the possible incoming orc invasion.
    * Serla seems to find the very simple, primal melody fascinating, but the rest of you got sick of the couple bars she has managed to pick out after the 15th time she hummed them out loud.
  • Smut managed to find one of the well-hidden group of Buteo nests in the tall Flaxweed of the Plains, and otherwise practiced tracking orc hunting parties through the plains.
    * He also got another mostly-broken magic item summoned by the Crystal, part of an oak staff with a claw on top
  • The rest of the party tracked down Hasina who was getting ready to head out with a hunting party.
  • After getting Hasina’s permission to experiment, Serla improvised a new variation of the Song of Life, guided by a wave of divine energy poured forth by Harnann, and in a spectacular blaze of light the two of you managed to overcome the demonic corruption and heal the scars on Hasina’s face.
    * Being able to call on the spirits of the wind to fully bond with her once more left Hasina with tears of joy running down her face, and also up her face because she was flying loops in the air at the time.
  • Meanwhile, Slurry successfully negotiated with Alton for a raise, while holding onto the rope he was pulling Demea around with.
  • Serla later played a rendition of the Serenade of Life for a group of gathered orcs, earning applause and a persistent pupil.
  • It is now morning on Springtide 14th.
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    C3S21 XP and recap
    More about orcs than you ever wanted to know

    Greetings adventurers!

    For surviving the soporific Too Much Exposition trap and emerging awake on the other side (even Justin!), everyone earns 600 tolerance XP. Huzzah! This brings the common XP total up to 30115. Level 8 comes at 34k.

    Of course, the real test will come when your companions return and ask what details you learned. ;-)

    1. Terse recap of C3S21
  • You are in the orc village in the Flaxweed Plains, trying to find some answers as to what the Abyss is going on with these demons.
  • Daran called in a report that someone from the Lord’s Alliance was sniffing around Phandalin and specifically the Phandelver Mine on the King’s orders.
  • You witnessed two spirit tattoo ceremonies, one successful, one not.
  • You then mostly observed an orc Council meeting, answering some questions when asked. It quickly became clear that the opinion on your presence was mixed at best, and you are now under constant supervision.
  • Kala Unai talked with you privately afterwards, told you about the Turan her people went through after moving to Plains, and you both shared secrets with the other that you normally wouldn’t. She also gave you some directions on a map.
  • It is now lunchtime on Springtide 13th.


    P.S. Feel free to add details as comments on this type of post if you want to jot something down and it is easier than opening up Roll20 and editing one of the Player Notes. Note to self: make an Orcs player note.

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    C3S20 XP and recap
    Discoveries and Diplomacy

    Greetings adventurers!

    • For investigating Tamarand’s recent sacking of the troll village, everyone earns 600 Discovery XP. Everyone earns a further 600 Diplomacy XP for successfully making friends with the group of 4 orcs in the village, for a total of 1200 last session. Huzzah! This brings the common XP total up to 29515. Level 8 comes at 34k.

    I believe all inspiration was handed out in-game, as always please let me know if you think I missed something worthy.

    1. Terse recap of C3S20
  • Morning of Springtide 13th
  • You are in the Flaxweed Plains to help solve the orcs’ demon problem, to prevent it from becoming a Skylark problem.
  • The demons that ambushed you at the river were much more powerful than any Hasina had previously seen.
  • Afterwards, you investigated the massive blackened circle centered on a gulo gulo den that was just over the hill. You found:
    * The remains of a sacrificed prisoner
    * Evidence that at least one orc was killed, but no body
    * More purple candle wax
    * Inside the den:
    * Torn pouch with blue hawk on shield design, coins & magic key
    * Harnann’s bday gift
  • Gold dragon flew over, Tim suggested might be the famous Tamarand. Smut investigated Tamarand’s recent sacking of a troll camp.
  • After arriving at the orc village, Hasina headed off to gather the council for a debriefing on her mission, and asked you to wait.
  • While you waited, you made friends with an apparently popular group of 4 orc young adults via various skill challenges (win some, lose some).


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    C3S19 XP and recap
    The power of holy ale compels you!

    Greetings adventurers!

    For killing 11 barlguras (giant demonic apes) + 4 imps with the help of your orc allies, everyone earns 2575 XP. Huzzah! This brings the common total XP up to 28315. Level 8 comes at 34k.

    I believe all inspiration was handed out in-game, as always please let me know if you think I missed something worthy.

    1. Terse recap of C3S19
  • Demons scattered by Harnann, picked off one by one
  • Now know why kill imps – added 3 apes
  • Golden mangled gauntlet appeared
  • Smut started small fire in the Flaxweed; appears to be fire resistant
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