The Curse of the Crystal

C3S12 XP, inspiration, and recap


Greetings adventurers!

For re-killing 10 enhanced skeletons, 4 enhanced ghasts, and 2 enhanced ogres, plus driving off Hamun Kost, everyone earns 4200 XP, bringing your total common XP up to 16280 and catapulting you into Level 6. Huzzah, and congratulations!

The most prepared and/or dedicated of you will have your character’s new hit points and abilities added before tomorrow night’s game. I do apologize for this post being later in the week. Regardless of when you level up your character, please remember to send me an email noting what changed. Thank you kindly!

For excellent roleplaying of his character’s underestimation of Hamun based on their past relationship, Tim earns inspiration.

For ambitiously stretching her performance skills and mastery of the Song of Life to simultaneously un-paralyze the party’s two tanks and heal everyone, Serla earns inspiration.

Recap of C3S12

You were in the process of following the wagon tracks left by the Orc raiders when Smut discovered the Old Owl Well and the undead defending it.

Ignoring the request to Go Away, the party engaged the undead, and despite some harrowing moments you were getting the upper hand before the necromancer showed up and trapped everyone with one powerful spell (two of you count summarily sending Smut on an 8-hour wild goose chase).

Fortunately for you, Hamun Kost recognized Tim as a childhood friend and let down his guard, allowing Harnann to launch a devastating surprise attack. The rest of the party followed suit, and only Hamun’s Contingency spell saved him in the end, whisking him away from the battle.

The undead stopped moving when he left, and you were able to easily put them down and remove the small, runed amethysts causing them to regenerate.

Talk to most of you tomorrow night!




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