The Curse of the Crystal

C3S13 recap

Transition scenes are important, too!

For posterity, here is the upcoming recap of Chapter 3, Session 13:

After taking some of Hamun Kost’s stuff from his tent and Smut leaving him a friendly note, and Smut doing some exploration of the Old Owl Well, you headed back out on the trail of the orc raiding party, with Tim shining from Alton’s lantern, and Slurry gleefully pulling a dazed Demea along by a rope.

That evening as you made camp, you were contacted by Daran to let you know Reidoth the Druid had witnessed from afar your interaction with the Order of the Dragon, and was telling all of Phandalin about your apparent betrayal. Fortunately, Alton’s aunt Quelline is telling your side of the story.

The rest of the evening passed with Smut obsessing over his new statue, Alton messing with him, and Elaria trying and failing to explain high level arcana to Serla despite divine guidance and bardic inspiration.

The next day Smut discovered the orc raiding party at the end of the trail by way of a ballista bolt through the chest.

Cautiously approaching the old fort the orcs had taken over, under the flag of truce, everyone except Slurry and Demea heard the leader of the orcs explain that they were sent to get the attention of the Skylark government, but she was under strict orders not to discuss anything in detail except with those who had proved themselves in battle.

You have agreed to an honor battle to back up your claim of being the best fighting force around, and of the 10 minutes you were given to plan your strategy, you spent the first 5 scattering in different directions and then coming back together. Some of the orcs watching from the battlements are snickering at you.

See you Thursday!



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