The Curse of the Crystal

C2S29 Summary

Narrator, "After a fierce battle defeating the Flameskull and his minions, the party does some cleanup. After a very short breather, it’s noticed that there’s a very faint green light in the eye of Tim, the former Flameskull… and it’s growing noticeably brighter…

Flameskull Tim is still alive! The fires spread and he starts to heal.
Smut carries him out of his home area. He doesn’ tturn to dust.
Smut carries him to the magic brazzier… which makes him heal faster.
Harnaan takes Flameskull Tim from Smut and smashes it to pieces using Elaria (carefully setting him on the worktable, so as not to needlessely damage her sword on the stone floor)

Smut tries to heal the flameskull more in the brazier, but Alton wrests the pieces from him.

We experiment with smashing pieces of skull and determine that whichever piece is largest starts to re-grow.
Smut gets creative.
Smut searches the forge for other skull pieces
Smut uses acid to dissolve any extra pieces.
Smut makes the metal bowl he’s using magical using the brazzier, and then it stops melting in the acid.

Harnaan concentrates on keeping FT smashed up, while Smut (& others) gather all the bones in the room and load them into the smelter in the middle of the Forge room.
Surprisingly to everyone, he goes outside, gathers branches, and makes a broom. It never occurred to anyone he would know how to do that.

Tim, obviously clueless about Arcana or History surrounding flameskulls, assists Smut, but when the party starts firing up the forge, he turns his attention to the fire.
“Need help with starting the fire?”

Alton sits down in the brazier room and tries to figure out the shadow staff that Serla’s patron had given him.

To help determine what bone debris is from the flameskull and what’s from the other skeletons, the party decides to incinerate everything in the forge.

Ooooh yah! Fire!
“Gundren and other dude, go help build the fire for the forge!”

The door to the forge seems to have been damaged in some fighting and is hanging slightly off. Tim comes to the rescue with the Mending cantrip he’s been practicing.

Tim gets a big thumbs up from Smut!

Tim helps out smashing the skull fragments. The healing is accelerating and Harnann is having a hard time keeping up. She calls Grulo in to help and he unlimbers his great sword and adds it to the task.

Smut continues wrecking other skeletons in the forge.

They can’t keep up and Tim the Flameskull is about back to life.
Tim follows Smut, who carries regenerating flameskull to the tentacle lake.
Smut throws the skull into the lake, hoping the tentacles will hold it down, but…
Tim the Flameskull comes roaring back to life, flying up out of lake spraying water everywhere, claiming he’s immortal.

As he talks, flameskull flies back to his forge; tim runs to keep up.
Harnann goes in to help protect allies, but tells everyone to retreat.
The party and the dwarves retreat from the forge room, except for Alton who still spends the time in the bra room fondling his multi-headed staff.

A couple of shots from the Flameskull.
Tim takes a step back towards retreat, but refuses to leave his party, and steps back up to support Harnann. “I thought we were leaving?”
Holds action to move when the party decides to heed Harnann’s direction to leave.
(a good move since he holds the light)

Harnann sees dwarves are out of the room and heads out, too. Tim trailing calls out, “DEMEA, YOU COMING?”
Demea retreats after determining that Gundren was safely out another entrance.

ghostly music, “bravely runs away”

Tim watches to make sure Flameskull is in fact still trapped by his magical boundary. He appears to be.

ghostly music, “Brave, Brave, Sir Smut…”

Flameskull throws fire at the Enchanter who responds, “Eat it, Tim!”
Flameskull throws more fire at the Enchanter who responds, “Eat it, Tim!”

A wave of fungus spores arrives to poison the party as Gundren made his way back around.

Smut tries to cast Light on everything Harnaan is carrying. She glows like the sun!

Smut sneakily dodges around continuing to pulverize FTs minions and filling his room with Light rocks.

With studying notes in his journal, Tim finds reference to a flaming undead that was put down by priests and a ritual. Elaria says she can teach Harnann how to make Holy Water.

Harnann wants to learn how to make holy water. Less fun than holy beer, but still good!

Alton continues acclimating to the staff.

250 silver pieces are pulled out, a file magically enhanced in the brazier, and the pieces are reduced to powder.

Tim eventually gets bored watching the Holy Water ritual, and decides to follow Smut out of curiosity…and to see if he can help.

Smut is happy to have company. With his empathic emanations, you can tell.

Disaster! A glowing magic bead comes sailing down the hallway from Tim the Flameskull. The party has seen this FIREBALL before. DOOM approaches! But WAIT! Smut is by the door of the brazier room. Smut catches the fireball! In his mouth!

Tim, knowing what is about to happen, runs towards smut, but gets hit by the blast by the door.
Fire blows out Smut’s mouth, which becomes a horrible burned mess, but SMUT SAVES THE PARTY!
Tim immediately applies buddy aid to stop the bleeding.
“Harnann! Bring the brandy!”
Quicker yet, Alton uses the shadowy staff on Smut and Smut comes back to consciousness.
Shortly thereafter, Harnann lays on hands to Smut for some healing.

Smut then takes a short rest. Maybe a medium rest.
Tim remains by Smut’s side as he recovers…
Smut casts light on Tim’s helmet in gratitude for the company.
Tim laughs.

Elaria mentions the necrotic feeling from the staff. Alton doesn’t realize that the staff is strongly necrotic.
Smut perks up at the mention of the necrotic healing.
Alton touches Smut again with the staff and administers a little healing.

The party heals up with a short rest and makes a plan.

Narrator, "the party plans use holy water on FT after he’s dead

but Tim has repeatedly reminded everyone that we could rest and refit in town, gain some knowledge, …and, Beer.
Harnann, “beer!”

A good backup plan if the holy water assault fails from either not working or the Skull being too tough for the party to take down again.



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