The Curse of the Crystal

C2S30 Summary

re-defeating Tim the Flameskull

Narrator, “Having a plan in hand the party goes to execute the plan to execute the Flameskull with finality.”

While most of the party starts to line up to do an effective first strike, Smut kicks off the battle by swooping in the back way, deftly dodging flame bolts, but sadly also being deftly dodged when he tries to grab TimSkull.

Alton moves up, moves a torch up, misses with a bow shot.
Demea, the Archer, shoots Tim with a lightning arrow and follows it up with a regular arrow. Both arrows score hits! Tim manages to avoid being stunned by the lightning.

Emma moves up to stand next to Demea (behind Alton) and holds action to attack any enemies in melee range.
Harnann runs into the room and roars at Flameskull Tim.
Tim moves up to the front line and casts Magic Missile! Tim the Flameskull unwisely decides to take the damage rather than use a Shield spell.

Tim the Flameskull takes a small bite from Smut as he flies away and casts a spell that makes him all blurry.

Alton repeats his last actions (moves up, moves a torch up, misses with a bow shot).
Smut Swoop! Dodge! Swoop! Dodge! repeat ad nauseum.
stupid blurry skull
Smut fails to grab ahold of the skull.
Demea shoots a couple of arrows and despite the blurry target, still manages to score a hit.
More surprisingly, even with the blurry target Slurry hits with his crossbow.

Emma throws 2 darts! first one prompts him to raise his shield, but the second hits him in the eye!
Having caused Tim to use his Shield defense and then scoring a hard hit past the shield prompts the Flameskull to exclaim in surprise and exasperation, “Where did she come from?!?

The halfling that looks like Alton responds, “that’s just Alton under an illusion spell.”

Harnann runs closer and throws two javelins, one of which glows with astral radiance! Take that!
Tim responds to Harnann’s attack with summoning a Flaming Sphere to smash into her and then throwing a pair of Fiery Rays.
Harnann bathes in Flameskull’s fire! I live and breathe fire!

Grulo, seeing the Flameskull floating above the water wheel, charges forward, boosts off Harnann, up the the wheel, into the air to grasp the skull where it hovers, then tumbles backward to smash the skull down into the currently dry water trough.
(Grulo quickly climbs to the top of the water wheel, leaps up with both hands and grabs Tim with both hands.)

Seeing the skull is now in melee range, Alton jumps down into the trough where Grulo is holding the flaming skull and hits in just the right spot.
Smut, taking a page from his companion Tim’s, summons a Witch Bolt between him and Flameskull Tim. It startled Grulo a little, but Grulo still holds onto the skull, and the light goes out in the skull.
(Smut chases after Grulo holding FST, and starts zapping him with witch bolt!)

We put the skull in the pot with holy water, with Harnann mummuring prayers with all her might…

The skull dissolves and all the other pieces found in the cavern are eliminated as well. Tim is defeated for good!

Tim totally scores Tim’s name back…now that “~Flameskull” is dead….the REAL Tim can regain the throne as the master enchanter!

Smut totally scores Flameskull Tim’s playing cards!

The party goes to scavenge anything left in the caves. Demea does harvesting of silk and poison sacks from the giant spiders with sage advice from Tim the Enchanter.

Smut finds a skeleton in the water, holding a small glinting wand!
For a brief moment, Smut’s aura of stink gets smaller.
Smut is totally excited about experimenting with the amateur wand.

Alton heals Smut up with some shadows.

You sense the emotion that in order to defeat evil, you first must become evil.
Smut starts recharging his new magic missile wand.

Alton dips his finger into the holy water flameskull remnants and tastes it.
Smut does too!
Tastes like rather refreshing water, despite bits of bone flakes.

Smut makes friends with the blue tentacle by feeding it spider parts. And then hobgoblin parts. And anything else that wasn’t undead.

Demea plays the jeopardy theme while waiting for the party.

_Narrator, “… and the party, having defeated everything but the blue tentacle monster that the dwarves plan to build a wall around, finally exit the cavern to find ash falling from the sky. The falling ash appropriately set the mood as they bury the fallen dwarf under a cairn on the mountainside.” _


Excellent write up, Nick, I’m sorry I missed this post at the time! Alton earns another 100 XP and inspiration.

C2S30 Summary

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