The Curse of the Crystal

C2S31 Summary

Return to Phandalin from Wave Echo Cave

Narrator, “.. After the funeral for the dwarf the party heads back toward Phandalin.”

Light drizzle starts to fall, ZZZZT! Right arm and left leg of Harnann’s armor lock up.

Alton, wearing a purple & blue striped shirt with lace ruffle cuffs, looks to see if we’re under attack. There’s a little pile of ash stacking up in a bird’s nest in that tree. I wonder how long before it overflows…

With Demea’s help, Harnann removes the armor to carry it.
The party arrives in Phandalin.
Tim lights some of the candles in the shrine with a small fire spell from a distance.
A lot of children ask if we rescued the dwarves.
Adults ask questions themselves and tell us there’s plans to make pilgrimages to the Cragmaw shrine which the party encourages.
Smut nods & smiles & gestures towards the Stonehill Inn where they can discuss it over drinks.

Tim, looking tired, walks straight to the bar, grabs an empty stool, and says “line them up!”
Smut hopes for only flammable beverages. :-)
One of the line of drinks in front of Tim lifts into the air over to Alton’s hand.

Tim says to the barkeep Tobin: “Good man, the ale is excellent! Bring some bread and cheese for me and my friends. And what else do you have in the kitchen tonight? Smut! You hungry?” he yells (ignoring the fact that there is a conversation going on nearby…)
Smut is pleased to be interrupted.
There’s a stew that’s really good. His wife Sara had spice it.

Tim, trying to show off, again tries to conjure a dancing flame girl in the middle of the table…but only ends up adding another scorch mark. In his rush to tamp out the table fire, he knocks his mug onto the floor breaking the handle. Oooh. Something to practice mending!

Smut continues sketching his plans for the giant magic item factory he plans to build in the mine. Eventually you realize that the tentacle monster is working the bellows at the Forge.

Tim, after mending the mug perfectly, tries to mend the hole in the ceiling, and generates a large crack that starts to split down the wall! After getting scolded, he attempts a pyrotechnic performance to entertain and distract the crowd from his failed fix.

the performance wasn’t the best, but he charismatically makes fun of himself and gets everyone laughing…at him…
Another round, everyone? (to the party)

Smut wants another round.
Beer mugs can be traced to be just the right size for fermentation vats. :-)
Those go in the center of the mine.
Smut organizes his coins by size rather than value.

Tim begins making a mental list of the supplies he will need to provide to fix the inn…planks, hammer, nails,…and some new table cloths.

Smut want to make sure they’re table cloths amenable to sketching. :-)

Darren summons them to his place to discuss secrets. The party brings a keg.
Demea drools over the bow and looks and admires it in every way.
Darren reveals that’s he’s a member of the Defenders of Skylark.
Tim begins to drink the Kool-aid and recognizes this as potentially noble quest in the making…
We share what little intel we have.
Smut adds that we’ll have to make sure to blarf garbble nouse…. and then gives up on trying to add to the conversation.
Tim, " I agree, Smut." nods.
During the discussions/drinking a noise comes from Harnann’s pack, revealing the writing on a parchment has changed to:

Black Spider,
Please provide an update on your status. Were you able to use the group carrying Dawnforge’s sword to clear your way to the Phandelver Mine power source as you planned?
In the name of the Pact,
The Librarian .

Narrator, “and the party drinks the evening away and makes plans for the future. What will the next chapter of their adventures entail?”


Another entertaining write-up, although to fill in a couple holes (pun intended), the hole in the roof of the Stonehill Inn came from you guys (Alton?) creating an illusion of the Flameskull for everyone during your storytelling, followed by someone (Smut?) attempting to shoot it with magic, which went through the illusion and damaged the inn. This led to Toblen the innkeeper pleading with Harnann to help keep the party from breaking his inn and declaring the “No drinking and spellcasting” rule. LOL

Also, Toblen pulled a couple of you out back to show you Graff the hobgoblin’s “gift” and note to his lady love Serla of the Dusk. ;-)

Regardless, Alton earns another 100 XP and inspiration, to show we still enjoy and appreciate your capturing of the snarky chat comments that I usually miss, if nothing else. :-P :-)

C2S31 Summary

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