The Curse of the Crystal

C3S1 XP, treasure, and inspiration

Welcome back to Neverwinter!

[Edited to take out “smart” apostrophe and add discovery XP]

Greetings adventurers, and welcome to Chapter 3 of the Curse of the Crystal!

For easily driving off and then killing Demea’s would-be assassin, everyone gains 15 XP. For learning that a bounty has been placed on all of you, everyone gains 300 discovery XP. Huzzah! This brings the total common XP up to 7045.

It appears that the intruder brought a bare minimum of supplies on this mission, as the only items on him are two empty poison vials, two common daggers, studded leather armor (badly damaged), 10gp in a small pouch, and of course the parchment with your bounty on it.

For dramatically kicking in the door and knocking down the enemy while doing so, despite only being a little halfling, Emma earns inspiration.




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