The Curse of the Crystal

C3S2 XP and inspiration

Learning the city layout on the fly

Greetings adventurers!

For successfully chasing down and capturing the thug who tried to kill Glenda Brightbond right in the middle of the city, everyone earns 500 XP. Huzzah! This brings the total common XP up to 7545.

You didn’t come away with any treasure, but you did earn brownie points from the high priest of Pelor by giving him the coin pouch of the shooter (who turned out to be named Pug Thistleknuckle), and you did spread some goodwill attached to the Stonehill Dragon Guard name. :-)

For stopping to calm down the stampeding horse in the crowded alley during the chase, thus preventing further civilian injuries, Grulo earns inspiration.

For disturbing and impressing the common folk of Neverwinter by magically flying over their heads during the chase, Tim earns inspiration.

For losing some of his own ground to shoot the bad guy in the leg, thus letting everyone else catch up faster, Demea earns inspiration.

Alton has enough inspiration at the moment, but he did cool stuff, too. ;-)

For going along with my experiment in different chase mechanics, everyone at the last session earns the GM’s thanks. :-)




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