The Curse of the Crystal

C3S3 recap

The short, short version!

Greetings adventurers!

Unfortunately, there is no XP, treasure, or inspiration to award for Chapter 3 Session 3. Sometimes you just have to settle for advancing your story goals. :-)

However, for posterity I’m going to start trying to remember to post a recap if no one writes up a full summary. As you will see, the summaries are much more entertaining, which is why they are worth inspiration and XP (hint, hint ;-)).


  • You are hanging around in the coastal city of Neverwinter, waiting for your special requests to be finished.
    - Julian the mage is having his apprentices enchant your Sending Shmeep
    - Williams the blacksmith is putting together Smut’s tail whip, with further work planned for a tiny dragon-shaped chain shirt
  • Alton informed you that he has mitigated the bounty issue by placing a bigger bounty on anyone who tries to collect on your bounty
  • Tim spent some time doing research in the Neverwinter city library, finding some information on Thundertree and other topics that may come up in your current quests later

Talk to (some of you) soon!



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