The Curse of the Crystal

C3S4 and S5 recap / mini-summaries, XP, treasure, and inspiration

Fighting evil no matter what the weather!

Greetings adventurers!

For successfully defeating Zaeriez (‘Zere-eez’) (the undead young woman that had mind-controlled most of the Alchemists Guild), along with the powerful wizard guild member present, the other alchemists with no fighting skills to speak of, Zaeriez’s two pet eel hounds, and the water elemental assigned to guard the dock house (see full details below), everyone earns 1345 XP. Huzzah! This brings the common XP total up to 8890. 6th level comes at 14,000.

After fishing Zaeriez’s body out of the water, the remaining alchemists offer to you the non-magical necklace of very large pearls that she was wearing, along with their grateful thanks for saving them. When you show it to Alton, he is very impressed, and says you might be able to get 500gp for it if you can find a noble interested in buying it.

For successfully breaking Zaeriez’s spell concentration with a massive attack, freeing Harnann, Smut earns inspiration.

For risking his bear cub figurine by tossing it in the shallow end of the ocean to try to help a friend, Demea earns inspiration.

For successfully convincing a chaotic evil undead that it could trust her word, Harnann earns inspiration.

Recap of C3S4

  • After getting an emergency distress raven regarding your mage contact in Neverwinter, Julian Swiftwalker, you raced to his aid through a heavy rainstorm, only to discover he was poisoned by a bad potion. He was glassy eyed and trying to get to someone named Zaeriez, and traditional healing magic didn’t seem to help.
  • The head priest of Pelor, Elliot Dawngaze, said he would warn the nobles council to spread the word about the tainted potions, and asked you to head to the ocean-side guild hall of the Alchemists Guild to determine what was going on and how to cure Julian.
  • Along the way you were joined in the driving rain by Angela, a down-to-earth priestess of Pelor with a cheery attitude and a heavy mace she named Redemption.
  • At the guildhall, it didn’t take much for you to persuade the two guards to let you investigate despite their orders to send everyone away, because apparently their employers had been acting oddly.
  • Inside, the guild members present were glassy-eyed and aggressive to intruders, to the point of the head of the guild immolating himself by throwing down an explosive potion between you.
  • You managed to persuade one of the guards to join you, and tried to take as many guild members alive as you could, but there was still some collateral damage.
  • You found books on mind control and enchantment magics open in the library.
  • You learned from a frightened maid hiding in the pantry that the trouble started a few days ago, and that there was a troll lurking about that was strong enough to tear a man’s arms off when he didn’t follow orders.
  • Smut, with Tim’s encouragement, fought through the gusting winds to fly out over the ocean to scout the building there. In order to get close enough to see inside without taking a chance of being blown through one of the windows, he landed on the side porch. There he was immediately attacked by two eel-hounds that had been hiding from the storm under the furniture. While avoiding the first one, his leg got locked in the jaws of the second, and he was dragged towards the edge of the water.
  • Seeing Smut’s plight, the friendly guard took a crossbow shot despite the storm but missed. Angela tried a guiding bolt of divine magic, but unfortunately the poor lighting caused her to miss and hit the dock so close to Smut that he got washed in the radiant magic, causing him to glow and be easier to hit.
  • Feeling Smut’s panic, Harnann charged forward across the bridge, ignoring the startled water elemental that surged out of the ocean too late to stop her. Ignoring Elaria’s blurted out “there are undead here!”, she kicked open the door, and beheld a half dozen alchemists with glassy eyes toiling away in a workshop, what looked like an enchanting young woman soaking wet despite being inside, and a very large creature that Elaria identified as a lake troll in a somewhat panicked voice while advising “You don’t want to be here on your own!”

C3S5 mini-summary

  • Things didn’t look good for the party after Zaeriez (the young woman) successfully Suggested to Harnann with arcane power that she surrender and convince her teammates to do the same.
  • Smut was dragged into the water but passed out due to losing the biting battle with the two eel hounds, not due to lack of air. Demea tried to help by tossing his bear cub into the fight, but sadly it wasn’t enough.
  • Fortunately the eel hounds were well trained to bring captured creatures alive to Zaeriez for enslavement, so Smut got spit up into the dock house instead of drowning or being eaten.
  • Meanwhile, the capricious cursed crystal sucked Tim into a flame but popped Grulo out from the ether, so reasonable trade there. The barbarian immediately threw himself into the fight with the water elemental along with Angela and the guard, and Orc Foe successfully did massive damage, since as a magical weapon it did not just pass right through the animated water. Being on fire probably helped also.
  • Undeterred, the elemental overwhelmed and dragged the guard into the lake, not to mention punched Demea and Grulo in the face, but it was still in reach of return weapon attacks, and the creature was sent back to the elemental plane in time to prevent a drowning.
  • Inside the dock building, Harnann skillfully convinced Zaeriez that her word as a paladin that she wouldn’t try to escape was good enough that she shouldn’t have to drink the debilitating potion being offered, and went onto the bridge to help convince her allies to surrender. Not wanting them to die before they had a chance to do so, she provided magical Aid to those most wounded… including Smut, who was still lying on the floor of the dock house.
  • Before anyone realized he was awake, Smut burned all of the remaining charges in his poorly-made wand of Magic Missiles in one burst at Zaeriez, almost but not quite burning the thing out to do so, then quickly flew over and tossed an unfinished orange-red potion at her and the lake troll, causing a large conflagration that badly burned them both…, and unfortunately completely fried one of the mind-controlled alchemists working at the nearby desk.
  • Suddenly in a world of hurt, Zaeriez gave out an inhuman shriek and dove into the ocean, while the troll, no longer held back in hopes of getting more slaves, lumbered ungracefully after the now-fleeing Smut, missing an attack that would have surely ripped him in half by mere inches.
  • The pain succeeded in breaking Zaeriez’s concentration on Harnann’s spell, and she quickly ordered a fighting retreat before the very large troll could return and attack the critically wounded party (Demea had also been taken down on the bridge between the water elemental and the eel hounds, but then healed).
  • One eel hound was sent packing with its slimy tail between its legs, while the other was gutted on Orc Foe. The party started to pull back, with Harnann covering the retreat, being well armored and uninjured. Just before she was going to get off the bridge, Zaeriez burst up out of the water and grabbed her in a deadly embrace, sucking all the air out of Harnann’s lungs while pulling her into the ocean, where she proceeded to sink like a rock to the bottom of the 10 foot deep water due to her heavy plate armor. As she was submerged, her Commander’s Armor gave a disturbing sizzle with magic arcing back and forth, but fortunately nothing locked up this time.
  • Demea was doing his best to push the fortunately ungainly troll back with magical arrows, but it managed to reach the bridge and jump into the water, where it was suddenly a lot faster and more mobile! It proved this by quickly swimming up to Harnann and giving her a bad slice in the side with its metallic claws. Fortunately her armor deflected the second slice and the monster’s teeth.
  • Harnann stuck her tail up out of the water while being pulled out into the ocean by Zaeriez, and Grulo managed to belly-flop onto the bridge to just get a hand on it. He was able to hold her in place while he worked to brace himself. This also allowed Angela to get a hand onto her to cure some of Harnann’s wounds.
  • Trusting Harnann’s hardiness, Demea fired lightning arrows into the water, slightly scorching Harnann, but also managing to finish off the wounded Zaeriez!
  • Now carefully braced, with a mighty heave Grulo managed to fling the no-longer-grappled Harnann up onto the bridge, plate armor and all! He will no doubt be sore tomorrow.
  • The party then finished their orderly retreat to the guild hall (not so orderly in Slurry’s case), and the troll gave them a warning roar before choosing to head back out to sea rather than pursue the party onto dry land.
  • The remaining alchemists, no longer glassy-eyed, poked their heads out of the dock house in bewilderment. Harnann encouraged them to run for their lives to the guild hall, which they did.



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